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How Twitter is Changing the Way We Live

Friday, June 19, 2009

Twitter changing the way we live

As I continue to read more and more about the opportunity of Twitter, new examples are showing up everywhere. Take a look at this article on Time a couple of weeks ago about how Twitter will change the way we live.  I agreed that at first sight, why would I care about what my friends had for breakfast this morning? But Twitter is becoming more than just a posting of daily routines. People are finding ways to use Twitter that provides value.

In the article above, the author writes about how Twitter changed the dynamics of a conference and how its content was shared with the world. However, Twitter is only the latest tool in a series of changes to how information is shared.

It goes on to state,

“Twenty years ago, the ideas exchanged in that conversation would have been confined to the minds of the participants. Ten years ago, a transcript might have been published weeks or months later on the Web. Five years ago, a handful of participants might have blogged about their experiences after the fact.”

Enter Twitter,

“Injecting Twitter into that conversation fundamentally changed the rules of engagement. It added a second layer of discussion and brought a wider audience into what would have been a private exchange.”

Twitter is definitely changing the way we live, learn and communicate with the world just like blogging has done rather recently and the what the Internet has done in general.

Here are some ways that Twitter is changing our lives. Check the air quality in the city of Beijing.  Gain awareness for non-profit organizations. Rally the troops to protest online. Get customer service from businesses. Place your order to go.  Find a new job. Campaign for office.

These are just a few examples. Twitter is helping people to sell, prospect, educate, invite, converse, promote, teach, help, assist, brand, serve, publish, gather, demonstrate, advertise, market, announce, elect and more. Now it is your turn to see how Twitter can help you.