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Does The Savings Train Waste Energy?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Commuting to work today I saw a line of white cars and trucks with a billboard on the top of each one. There were about 10 in total. Because I was traveling at the speed of light on I-215 with 10,000 other vehicles, I was not able to take a photo safely and post it here. I’ve seen this Savings Train one other time on this stretch of road. It is promoting Tim Dahle Nissan here in Salt Lake City (or another suburb of).

They were courteous drivers. I weaved into and out of their train and they basically stayed in one lane of traffic.

I don’t know where they were headed as I exited onto 201 and they continued North. I wonder though, was it worth all of the CO2 emissions and crowding of I-215 for the sake of a promotion?

Now crowding, may be too harsh of a label. But 10 cars is 10 cars, especially if they were wasteful miles. Was there a purpose to this train other than the advertising? I could understand if they were shuttling cars to an event or something, but to just drive around – without another purpose – that is just wasteful to me.

Is it effective? Yes, I saw it. The line of vehicles did catch my eye. But, Savings Train? Come on. They certainly aren’t saving gas, energy and CO2. Let alone, adding to the congestion on the road.

It was just yesterday that the air quality was so poor that the electronic road signs were asking drivers to not drive. And here it is the next day, 10 cars/trucks from Tim Dahle Nissan driving around with billboards on their roofs … saving.

If they really cared about the energy used in this promotion, maybe they should have used 10 new Nissan Leaf vehicles that are 100% electric and have zero tailpipe emissions. If they used the Leaf vehicles, then I can tie the Savings Train message to Tim Dahle. Save energy. Save money. Save with Tim Dahle.

With the green movement so prevalent right now in everything from marketing to politics – I can only think that Tim Dahle Nissan, or their ad agency Kassing Andrews, haven’t been paying attention.

But the Savings Train appears to end on the road … literally. Other than seeing the Savings Train itself, the agency’s Facebook page is the only place I could find a mention of this promotion.

Kassing Andrews Advertising Have you seen the Tim Dahle Nissan Savings Train?? Watch for it and text! Weekly prizes that include ipad, trips, cash, etc!

I would have expected to find more about the Savings Train on the Tim Dahle web sites, Twitter or Facebook pages. No photos posted. No number to text to (unless it was written on the moving vehicles and I missed it). No rules and regs about the weekly prizes. No editorial that I could find. Not even the Tim Dahle Nissan Live Chat operator could provide me with information. He recommended I call a toll-free number for more information.

Maybe the savings was in the promotion of the promotion.