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The Consumer Divorce

Friday, December 4, 2009

I stumbled across this YouTube video by Microsoft (Europe) produced back in 2007 as a viral video campaign.  It appears their blog has since been removed–

However, I still believe the message holds true today. Even as social media has been the big buzzword and push of the last year or so, I think advertisers have a long way to go in engaging with consumers.

This video, comical at times and cleverly written, shows an advertiser and consumer having a conversation where the consumer wants a divorce. The woman (consumer) tries to explain how she has changed and that they are not spending time in the same places anymore. The man (advertiser) tries to tell her he has been speaking to her – which is exactly her point. He does all the talking and there is no engagement.

I think Microsoft did a good job in showing us that advertisers need to listen more and provide more ways for engagement instead of just speaking at consumers. Now whether Microsoft has taken its own words to heart in the last 2 plus years, I do not know.