About Marketing Mind

Marketing Mind was launched by marketing professional Kyle Hendren in 2008 to share insights and experiences on integrated marketing communications with others seeking solutions to the same marketing challenges.

Kyle has close to 15 years of experience in marketing communications working with large and small companies to develop marketing plans and strategies that achieve successful results. His experience spans numerous industries from telecomm, healthcare, software and hardware to construction, insurance, technology and public relations. He has consulted with or worked for companies such as 3Com, Dell, Microsoft, Hoyt USA, ClearOne, BlueCross BlueShield, AMSCO Windows, McAfee and others.

Kyle has developed and executed integrated marketing communication plans that encompass traditional mediums such as events, TV, radio, print and outdoor plus new technologies including, web marketing, internet advertising, landing pages, web sites, micro sites and social networking. He has executed product launch plans and collaborated with research and development teams on creating new products and solutions.


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