Backup Plan Revisited

Well, if you follow the NBA and advertising you know that the much-hyped Kobe vs. LeBron did not materialize. The Orlando Magic sent the LeBron James-led Cavaliers to the NBA Finals sidelines. At the same time, the Lakers were able to fend off the Denver Nuggets and hold up their end of the anticipated match-up.

Nike, which spent considerable time, money and creative energy on the Kobe / LeBron MVPuppets (Most Valuable Puppets) leading up to the Finals, didn’t quite get the match-up it was hoping for. So, did Nike have their backup plan ready to implement? It appears they did.

In a successive spot of the Kobe / LeBron puppets, LeBron is pumping iron…”2007, 2008, 2009, 2010; Yeah 2010.” This spot is a creative way for LeBron to look forward to the 2010 Finals and for Nike to implement its backup plan and still brand itself during the Finals.

In another spot, LeBron is home for the Finals and Lil Dez wants LeBron to take him to the Finals.

In your marketing strategy, have you prepared a backup plan? It appears Nike was ready all along.


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