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Have you started to Twitter yet? Are you tweeting for business or for personal reasons? I’m still torn on the value of Twitter. From a personal perspective, I don’t care to share the mundane minutiae of every action or event in my day. Nor do I care to read that of others. From a business perspective, there are glimmers of benefits to Tweets. I am responsible for the @GetTeamGear Tweets and am still working at it to find the business value while at the same time adding value to the community and industry.



I’ve read a few case studies on companies that have seen success from using Twitter. (Courtesy of MarketingProfs) Even today at MarketingProfs, there is another example of Twitter success with the “We Love Eric” movement. But, there can also be a dark side. Your tweets live on forever, so be careful of the posts you make. Tweets that hold anger, bad jokes, off-color comments, insults and the like can all come back to haunt you.

If you are new to Twitter there are many do’s and don’ts that have been written, blogged, tweeted, and posted. You won’t have to search too far to find them. This should get you up to speed pretty quick. But I believe the best way is to jump in and begin for yourself. Find out what you are passionate about and contribute to the community of Twitter fans that share the same.

Twitter can be a powerful tool in your marketing tool kit. You just need to find the right use in your situation. As marketing budgets shrink, social media is finding a home in the marketer’s arsenal.

Have you found success?

If you still can’t seem to figure out just what all the hoopla is about, there is always the next generation of technology coming…Flutter, the nano-blogging platform. Check out the mokumentary below.


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  1. How Twitter is Changing the Way We Live « Marketing Mind Says:

    […] As I continue to read more and more about the opportunity of Twitter, new examples are showing up everywhere. Take a look at this article on Time a couple of weeks ago about how Twitter will change the way we live.  I agreed that at first sight, why would I care about what my friends had for breakfast this morning? But Twitter is becoming more than just a posting of daily routines. People are finding ways to use Twitter that provides value. […]

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