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Techville rises from Middle Tennessee

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Nashville Technology Council broke ground on Techville today, according to the company press release.  I find this most interesting as cities and states position themselves as destinations for particular industries.

I would bet that most people would think of Nashville as the hub for Music or Healthcare. And if you asked which cities are the tech beds of the U.S., you would surely see Silicone Valley and Seattle on the list. Other cities might include Salt Lake City (maybe a bit biased as this author currently lives there),  New York, Boston or Austin, TX.

But Nashville?

Nashville Technology Council's site

Nashville Technology Council's site

According to the Techville web site,, Nashville boasts quite a roster of technology companies. The map displays 158 companies and the online site has 327 companies represented. The Nashville Technology Council is going to great lengths to position itself among the top locations for technology companies. Techville is one element that is on target for gaining awareness of this industry for Nashville.


JetBlue gives advice to new CEO travelers

Friday, April 3, 2009

As the economy tanked in 2008 and bail outs abounded for financial institutions, JetBlue offers advice for new coach-class CEO travelers in three short videos seen at

CEOs of big corporations – primarily in the financial and auto industries – have been taking a beating from consumers and taxpayers over their bonuses, raises, and lavish spending including their private corporate jets.  JetBlue makes a timely campaign capitalizing on this frenzy with their spoof on CEO travelers.

JetBlue's "The CEO's Guid to Jetting"

JetBlue's "The CEO's Guide to Jetting"

In its first video Welcome Aboard, the announcer says “JetBlue can get

you to many cities where you already own homes, or hide money…Aruba, Vegas, St. Maarten, Nantucket. They even have service to D.C. so you’ll never be late for a congressional hearing.”

With superb writing, JetBlue hits the funny bone while also touting its

best features for the “regular people”.

In its second spot The Airport, our would-be CEO, Carl Davis, experiences JetBlue’s terminal T5 at JFK for the first time. Here, Carl interacts with a Kiosk that is, “easier than writing off a toxic asset.”

JetBlue created a wonderful series that shows troubled CEOs how to fly with the regular people.

Digital Marketing World helps marketers re-focus

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MarketingProfs put on an excellent Virtual Tradeshow today…Digital Marketing World –  Spring 2009.  In case you missed it, there will be another one in September. This was my first virtual tradeshow and this event exceeded my expectations by far.

There were some great presentations for both B2B and B2C marketers. Numerous resources were available for download from Exhibtors in the Exhibit Hall.  Topics included SEM, SEO, Email marketing, Customer Behaviors, Viral Marketing. You could find information in several formats including whitepapers, product sheets, podcasts, and brochures as well as links to exhibitor web sites.

The day-long event included presentations from David Meerman Scott, Southwest Airlines, Forrester Research and others. There was also a Keynote address by David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign Manager.

I would recommend checking out the Fall show this September.